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MG111 750 W Mixer Grinder

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  • True 750 Watt Copper Motor for 30 minutes continuous full load operation
  • Jars with flow breakers for better mixing
  • 75% stronger and thicker Jars

Billion brings to you the Power Grind 750 Watt mixer grinder, truly made for India. It comes with three large jars with two lids (one common lid for the liquidizer and dry jars, and one lid for the chutney jar).This kitchen appliance combines tremendous power with a lift and grind blade action, giving a superior mixing-grinding performance in seconds.

30% Bigger Jars This mixer grinder comes with a 0.4L chutney jar, a 1.5L liquidizing jar and a 1.2L grinding jar to meet the dry and wet grinding requirements in your kitchen. No need to go for multiple rounds of grinding.

25% more wattage This mixer grinder comes with a True 750-W motor that offers 25% more wattage than regular similar rated brands. It can grind large quantities faster than regular brands in the same time. It can laso give a 30-minute continuous run time with overload protector, so tough ingredients like haldi, coconut, rice and pulses are ground easily, even when fully loaded.

Unique 6 Blade System The Power Grind 750 Watt mixer grinder comes with 6 full-length blades and flow breakers in the liquidizer jar for effective whipping and frothing for all kinds of liquid preparations.

Sleek and Durable Design The cylindrical body made of high-quality ABS plastic makes this mixer grinder sturdy and durable.

Product description

Indians are unique in their cooking needs. While we love our milk shakes, lassi & chutneys, we also use home ground spices for authentic taste and purity. Made for the uniqueness of India, the Billion Power Grind Mixer Grinder can grind even the toughest spices at home for a fine, yet authentic taste and make big meals for your large family with ease. Equipped with a 1.5L liquidizing jar, 0.4L chutney jar, and a 1.2L grinding jar, as well as a 750 watt motor made of copper, it simplifies the cooking process allowing maximum functionality among it to make all different kinds of food with a uniform consistency. It's bigger, it's stronger, and it's durable- perfect for your kitchen.

Bigger Jars

The big jars of this mixer grinder offer you up to 30% more grinding space than regular jars. Measuring 1.5 L, 0.4 L and 1.2 L, these jars can meet the dry and wet grinding requirements of large meals in Indian kitchens. Now, you don't need to go for multiple rounds of grinding.

Sturdier Jars

The jars of this mixer grinder are about 75% stronger and thicker than the regular mixer grinder jars, thus reducing the chances of dents and providing the ability to withstand higher heat. As a result, you can grind even spices, such as haldi, clove, cinnamon and black pepper, in large quantities without any fear of damaging your jars. These jars are also provided with long and strong handles for easy mounting, dismounting and pouring.

Powerful Performance

Experience the true power of the 750 W motor. This mixer grinder offers up to 25% more wattage than regular brands, hence it can grind more quantity in lesser time compared to them. It is more durable than similar-rated hybrid motors used by other brands. It can give up to 30 minutes continuous run time, making it easy to grind tough ingredients, such as dry turmeric, coconut, soaked rice, pulses and more, even when fully loaded. The mixer grinder comes with a three speed setting and a Pulse function. Featuring high-quality rubber detailing, the jars' lids reduce the chances of leakage during operation.

Uniform and Consistent Grinding

The stainless steel jars of this mixer grinder feature flow breakers and a unique full-length flushed blade design that keep the ingredients in the center, ensuring an efficient grinding performance. You don’t have to open and mix the ingredients every few minutes. In addition, the Power Grind 750 W mixer grinder comes with a liquidizer jar that has six high-quality blades for effective whipping and frothing. Also, this mixer grinder combines tremendous power with a lift and grind blade action, giving a superior mixing-grinding performance compared to regular mixers, even for small quantities.

Premium, Compact and Durable Design

The body of this kitchen appliance is made of high-quality ABS plastic, making it quite sturdy and durable. Not only that, it also makes the grinder look premium and aesthetically beautiful. This mixer grinder’s compact design ensures that it does not take up too much space on your kitchen counter. Its 1.5 m shock-proof wire allows you to place the mixer grinder at a spot that’s comfortable for you, even if it is away from the plug point.

Product Safety

This product comes with an overload protector. In an inadvertent case of overloading, the mixer grinder automatically cuts off power supply, offering you a safe operation.

Made in India, Made for India

Billion products are made in India, and for India. Every aspect is carefully designed keeping in mind Indian usage, ensuring that this appliance lasts longer and performs better in Indian conditions.

Meal for Every Box

For every Billion product that you purchase, we donate a meal to underserved school-going children in partnership with the Akshaya Patra Foundation.



2.98 kg

Mains Supply

230 V, 50 Hz

Motor Power



Grinding Jar - 1.2 L, Liquidizing Jar - 1.5 L, Chutney Jar - 0.4 L


2 years of on-site Billion warranty.

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nice product good performance and light wait

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This Dry iron is lightweight and has got good heating controls. Power cable length and Sole plate is very good. Overall an excellent product below 1k price segment. Worth buying this billion product.

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Billion Iron looks premium in such a low cost segment. I've used it for a week now and faced no issues. The swivel cord though is not very impressive. It's movement is restricted because of the design but it's not a big issue. It gets heat up in less than 20seconds and there is also automatic cut-off in case of excessive heat. The heating plate is crafted very well and just glide over the clothes. I recommend it for daily purpose as it's light weight and very handy.

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Terrific purchase


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Best in the market!

Product is good condition

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