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Billion 1100 W Non-stick Extra-power XR126 Dry Iron (White and Black)

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  • Dry Iron
  • 2 Layer Teflon Classic Coating Plate
  • Consumes 1100 W


  • 2 Years Warranty
  • 10 Days Replacement policy by Flipkart
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Indians, arguably, have the most varied collection of outfits. This Billion 1100 W Non-stick, Extra Power XR126 Dry Iron with its Teflon coating, is truly made for India.

Smooth Gliding The two-layered nonstick Dupont Teflon classic coating ensures the iron doesn't stick to your clothes and glides on them smoothly, even on silk like fabrics.

Fast Crease Removal Since this dry iron has 10% higher wattage than conventional irons (1100 W), it removes fine creases effectively in no time.

360-degree Swivel Cord The 1.9-meter-long cord of this dry iron is up to 25% longer than regular irons. The three-core, cotton-braided textured swivel cord offers you 360-degree free movement. It helps in moving the iron effortlessly, preventing tangles and keeping your wrists stress free.

Easy-to-use Design The cool-touch, lightweight body helps you iron with less effort, yet it is heavy enough to take out the tough wrinkles from cotton clothes and denims. The body of this iron is made of high-quality plastic and comes in a premium, dual color design.

Smart Heat Regulator Knob The regulator of this iron comes with a cloth indicator that helps you select a temperature as per the fabric of your clothes.

Shockless design The Iron body has 3 core connections with earthing which ensure that you are protected against any electric shock-related accidents.

Best-in-class Teflon Coating

With this dry iron, get up to two times thicker non-stick coating compared to other regular brands. The sole plate of this dry iron has two-layered Dupont Teflon Classic non-stick coating compared to other brands which provide only single layered non teflon coating. As a result, this iron glides smoothly over clothes and therefore, irons faster. Also, the coating would last longer and would not peel-off as it comes with scratch-resistant technology.

Quick Heating up

This dry iron gives you up to 10% more wattage than regular irons. Powered by a robust 1100 W, C-shaped heating element, this dry iron not only heats up in no time, but it also distributes heat uniformly across the sole plate, making it last longer.

Smart Heat Regulator Knob

This dry iron comes with a temperature control dial that lets you conveniently select from menu of five preset temperature settings. As a result, you can customize the heat according to the fabric you are ironing. After the desired temperature is achieved, the power is cut off automatically for your safety (the current ceases to flow, and when the temperature drops it starts heating again).

25% Longer 360-degree Swivel Cord

The 1.9 meter-long, shock-proof cord of this dry iron is up to 25% longer than regular irons. It allows you to place the iron at a spot that’s convenient for you, even if it is away from the plug point and out of the reach of your children. The three-core, cotton-braided textured swivel cord offers you a 360-degree free movement. This gives you a tangle-free reach and flexibility to get rid of those difficult-to-access creases and keep your wrists stress-free.

Smart Temperature Ready Indicator

The Billion 1100 W iron is equipped with the Temperature Ready SMART feedback indicator. It glows red to indicate the iron is heating. The SMART feedback indicator turns “OFF” when the required temperature is reached. Its cut-off feature helps in auto-regulation of temperature.

Easy-to-use Design

This elegantly designed, medium-weight and highly portable iron is crafted from high-quality plastic. This iron has the right weight which is neither too light nor too heavy. So, you don't need to press harder or tire out your hands. It is equipped with an ergonomically-designed handle that gives a comfortable grip on it, and this will make it easy and stress-free for you to iron your clothes.

Dual ISI Certification

This iron is dual ISI certified for Performance and Safety. The iron and all its components, such as the plug, wire and the body, are all ISI certified.

Shockless Design

The body of this iron has three core connection with earthing which ensures that you are protected against shocks. Also, a thermal fuse has been added as a safety feature in the iron to protect the appliance from overheating and high surges in electric current.

Made in India, Made for India

Billion products are made in India, and for India. Every aspect is carefully designed keeping in mind Indian usage, ensuring that it lasts longer and performs better in Indian conditions.

Meal for Every Box

For every Billion product that you purchase, we donate a meal to under-served, school-going children in partnership with the Akshaya Patra Foundation.


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